Intelligent Access Management

Timely customer engagement at the right time & place
Elevate the Branding & Business Image

Intelligent Access Management


Increase visitor engagement & maximising conversion

Engaging your visitors with WILAS to maximise the opportunities from your WiFi investment at the correct place & time.
Using WILAS IAM for branding elevation, timely advertising & visitor profile acquisition.

Base module

For access control & management for all stakeholders.

8 Authentication options

Provide 8 Authentication options for Consumer access control.

AAA Server

Perform as AAA Server (Authentication, Access, Accounting)

IAM image

Perform as SSM

Perform as Subscriber, Session & Policy Management Server (SSM). Venue Roaming, Validity Privilege, etc.


Perform as Middleware for external integration

Subscriber Profile

Provide Subscriber Profile Generation

Generate 4 sets of subscriber related reports

Audit Report

Capture the number of new & returning users

Subscriber Report

Capture unique Subscriber Profiles

Login Report

Records of user login detail (eg. Date/time, method, etc)

Login Transaction Report

Login transaction audit detail