Track & Trace, Intelligent Analytics, Notification

Improve productivity & accountability workforce management
Reliable & Traceability with Assest Management



Increase productivity & security

Provide visibility of workforce & asset for management efficiency & security.
Using WILAS TITAN to automate the monitoring & communication of workforce & asset for productivity optimisation.

Provide real-time location of staffs, assets or patients.

Provide tracking & tracing capability for improved productivity & security.

Communication tools for effective engagement with staffs.


Extendible for Asset, Patient, Childcare, etc management.

Analytic for Staff performance, asset utilization or patient movement.

Monitoring & Event Alert when predefined workforce pattern occurred. Eg. Workforce entering/leaving a zone, movement detected during off operating hour, etc.

Notification Benefits

Venue Security

People Safety

Anomaly Detection

Instantaneous Response

Asset Protection