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Welcome to TWILA's!

The Newest Crave from Southern Elegance to Western Flare in
Ladies Clothing and Accessories!

"Twila" is a veteran in the selection process of ladies clothing and accessories for customers desiring that special flair or unique merchandise.  With many years experience "Twila's Boutique" will purchase many items similar, but very few exactly the same; thus offering customers a fabulous one of a kind shopping experience.  "Twila's" ability to see the versatility in a piece of clothing is outstanding.  Over 75% of the items found at "Twila's" can be dressed up, dressed down or wore just as they are, which offers the buyer such an advantage when shopping. 

Twila's eye catching dresses from her last shopping trip can be found on the beach with a favorite pair of sandals, two-stepping across the dance floor with your favorite pair of boots, or simply shopping on a Saturday afternoon at the mall. 

These designs are just an idea of the latest Twila finds.   Another plus catching the eye of shoppers of Twila's Boutique is, Twila acknowledges 'all bodies are not perfectly built - surprise!'.  Twila does not believe style, comfort, finesse, and attitude of feeling beautiful leaves when a shopper does not fit into a perfect size 5.  Twila shops and stocks with all sizes in mind.


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"Thank you for taking time to visit my website."

Greg & I travel throughout the Southern United States setting up Twila's Boutique. 
We have been blessed to have met many wonderful people over the years. 
I am in the process of adding my current stock to the website and encourage you to check back often. 

Pages coming soon to the website are clearance items, new arrivals, our itinerary, etc.  Also we will be adding a coupon for shoppers in the areas we will be set up at for shopping discounts.

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Thank you, Twila