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Wilas engagement

Engagement Phase - IAM

Intelligent Access Management (IAM) 

offer WiFi services to visitors


Leveraging on IAM, WILAS could serve the advertisement and acquire the visitors’ profile info.

This also builds up the channel where the partner could push the mobile application to the visitors at the correct time and place.

Analytic Phase

Real-Time Intelligence Insight (II) 

collect visitors’ useful data


II process the visitors’ profile data and the behavior of the WiFi network (eg. Devices type that visitors are using, the frequency of visit to the location, etc).

Using the Analytic Insight Reports from II, partners could position the value of the visitor data to the advertisers, thus increasing the potential advertisement fee and it is justifiable.

Marketing Phase

Push Marketing (PM)

created smart marketing 


Marketer/Advertisers could set up the marketing content info/campaign, and configure the condition to do the messaging push for the users who installed partner mobile app on their devices.